KiwiSDR: Wide-band SDR + GPS cape for the BeagleBone Black

KiwiSDR 2:

Updated 27 June 2024

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Beagle root and debian account passwords

Did your Kiwi not have a Beagle/Linux root password set and now it's asking for one?
Recent security changes have automatically applied a password to any root or debian account passwords that were blank/unset.

The new password set is the Kiwi's serial number as shown on the admin page network tab or as written on the the Kiwi circuit board (or as written on the bottom of the enclosure with KiwiSDR 2). For some versions of KiwiSDR 1 the password might be the same as the Kiwi admin password. The debian account password might also be the default "temppwd" if the password change process failed.

Also note that with Debian 9 and later logins using the root account are no longer enabled by default. Instead, login using the debian account and "sudo su" to get a root shell.

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